In 2004 during his final year at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, Swedish designer Erik Schedin created what is considered to be the first of their kind – a minimal leather sneaker, no logos or labels, and perforated lining, available in white and black colorways.The iconic sneakers came to life in 2008 when he launched it on his website, The sneakers quickly caught the attention from the likes of Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean as well as the buyers of Dover Street Market London, Dover Street Market Ginza and Andreas Murkudis Berlin.

To celebrate the original model’s 10th anniversary, Erik teamed up with Comme des Garçons Shirt in January 2014 to re-release the white leather model with unique added graphics. An inverted colorway option was released for Autumn/ Winter 2014, using black as the primary color of choice for the low-rise model with white graphics. Following the success of the monochrome colorways the sneakers were released in blue and green leather for Autumn/ Winter 2015 with the identical black graphics as its predecessors. After the successful collaboration with Comme des Garçons Shirt, Erik Schedin teamed up with Facetasm, yet another Japanese high end brand in the Spring/ Summer 2017.

The iconic Erik Schedin leather sneaker from 2004 were still in focus but were this time presented in three new versions selected by his Japanese collaborators. Facetasm’s signature print was the checker print sneaker, an off-white suede alternative as well as a bright yellow version.

Since the first introduction back in 2004 and the release on the market in 2008, business has grown and interest for the brand has increased dramatically. In Autumn/ Winter 2016 Erik Schedin expanded his collection with a canvas sneaker based on the same understated design aesthetic as the iconic leather version. Japan is the main market and sales channels such as Beams and Dover Street Market were introduced to new colorways for Spring/ Summer 2017 and Autumn/ Winter 2017. The style will be back for Spring/ Summer 2018 and there will be further colorways of navy, bright blue, red, pink, grey and bright yellow.

Color or no color, leather or canvas, Erik Schedin’s iconic sneakers continue to be a favorite for minimalist shoe lovers around the globe.