In 2004, while at his final year at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, Swedish designer Erik Schedin designed what is considered to be the first of their kind – a minimal leather sneaker, no logos or labels, and perforated lining, available in white and black colorways.

Launched alongside, the iconic sneakers came to life in 2008. The sneakers quickly caught the attention from the likes of Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean as well as the buyers of Dover Street Market London, Dover Street Market Ginza and Swedish retailer Pancho and Lefty.

To celebrate the original model’s 10th anniversary, Erik teamed up with Comme des Garcons Shirt in January 2014 to re-release the white leather model with unique added graphics. Shortly after, an inverted color-way option was released, using black as the primary color of choice for the low-rise model with white graphics.

Erik Schedin’s iconic model remains a minimalist shoe lovers staple around the globe.